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Your toilet is an essential part of a household and a significant portion of the plumbing system. The toilet can malfunction, demanding professional repair and maintenance services. Here is a guide to toilet repair and replacement.

toilet repair replacement

Why do toilets breakdown and need repair?

Toilets are one of the most used fixtures in a home and can withstand a lot. However, a time comes when you need to replace the toilet to restrict the damage. If you seem to be plunging your toilet more frequently, there might be a reason for that.

Flushing stuff you shouldn’t be can be the reason why your toilet is breaking down. For example, diapers, feminine products, and dental floss can clog the toilet. If these things get caught in the drain line, they will block within the plumbing system.

Having too little water in the tank can also affect your toilet. Little water in the tank means you will need to force water, causing breakdown.

In some instances, hard water can lead to problems in your plumbing system. Hard water can form a white substance that is difficult to remove, thus shortening the gap waste in the system.

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How can I tell that the toilet needs to be repaired or replaced?

If there are cracks in your tank or bowl, then that is a sign of a leak that demands repair. A plumber can determine if the tank can be repaired if it is not running or flushing well.

If the toilet has trouble flushing, clogged, or always overflowing, it demands repair or replacement. You might experience never-ending flushing where water continues to run from the tank to the bowl.

A wobbly toilet also expresses signs of trouble that needs fixing. This is where the toilet is unsteady due to the bolts being loose or due to a damaged floor.

The leaking toilet also demonstrates signs of a toilet that needs repair. Toilet leaks may go undetected, but you will experience a bulging water bill that shows the likelihood of a leak. If you have an older that is leaking, then toilet replacement will be the most cost-effective move.

Signs that you may have a clogged toilet 

There are signs you have a clogged toilet needing repair

  • Foul smell will show you that the toilet is clogged, with the pressure forcing gases to leak via the fixtures.
  • The gurgling sound when you flush the toilet is also a clear sign that it is clogged. These noises are caused by a blockage in the drain vents causing gases to escape through the seals.
  • When you have a slow draining toilet, it is a sign your toilet is blocked, and drains are backing up. The toilet may be taking longer than usual to fill the tank due to clogged supply lines.
  • Faulty flushing where you need to flush multiple times means the toilet is clogged and does not release water freely.
  • Toilet leaks can also be a sign that your toilet is clogged and needs repair. Water can seep through cracks after you have clogged your toilets due to lack of passage.

Types of Toilet Repair

- Toilet Repair

If your toilet has clogged, the primary repair entails creating suction by covering the bowel hole with a plunger and push down. The suction will help remove the clog so water can flow through the line freely.

- Running Toilet Repair

When you have a toilet that keeps running, it blows through gallons of extra water each day. The repair for a running toilet involves removing the cover of the toilet tank, flushing the toilet, and pulling up the toilet float arm. This will force the flapper valve to fall into place and seal off the water supply. You can also replace the flapper valve if it is damaged.

- Toilet Installation and Repair

Installing and replacing toilet seats is crucial when the hinges crack or materials get discolored. You only need to pick a new seat from the local hardware store and use an adjustable wrench to install the new seat by loosening and tightening the nut and bolt.

- Toilet Leak Repair

Leaking toilets can be a problem for your home and will need immediate repair to prevent damage. A slow leak can spread through the walls and eventually affect your house and plumbing system. The repair entails tightening the water supply connections to stop the dripping.

Why you should always hire a professional plumber to repair, replace or install a toilet

You should always work with professional plumbers for toilet installation, replacement, or repair your toilet because they are trained to handle the issues. They know what to do with any plumbing problem and will take the shortest time to rectify it. Their extensive training makes them capable of doing a fantastic job to protect your property.

These professionals will come fully equipped with the tools needed to complete the work. You won’t have to visit the hardware searching for appropriate tools, thus removing the

They also have the expertise to find any undetected problems in your plumbing system. A plumber has the skills to discover problems while checking the complete system and recommend an appropriate solution to it.

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